March 12, 2015


About the UKCRC tissue directory and coordination centre
About the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre: this was set up to support the work of biobanks by improving access to their human tissue samples for research purposes. Find out about the UKCRC tissue directory and coordination centre’s four main work areas, which have been designed to support biobanks in maximising the use of their existing and new human tissues sample collections through a tissue directory, harmonisation and engagement:

  • Informatics: making tissue and data collections easier to find and access through a freely accessible online Tissue Directory;
  • Harmonisation and Quality: developing standards and consensus on the collection and storage of tissues and data across academia, the NHS and industry so they can be more widely used across projects;
  • Stakeholder Engagement: working with people and organisations to promote best practice in sample collection, governance and public engagement; and
  • International: connecting the UK with European and other international biobanking initiatives such as BBMRI-ERIC, by being the UK National Node (, to further increase access to samples and ensure UK systems are compatible with those abroad.

The Centre is a collaboration between University College London and the University of Nottingham’s Advanced Data Analysis Centre and was set up by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) Experimental Medicine Funders Group in achieving their Vision for Human Tissue Resources.

About the UKCRC tissue directory and coordination centre: how we work
Operations: The Operational Committee manages the delivery of the Centre’s work; it oversees and links the Management Group which is responsible for the delivery of the activities of each of the work packages.

Members: Prof Brian Davidson, Prof Jon Garibaldi, Prof Barry Fuller, Dr Phil Quinlan, Dr Brian Thomson, Dr Amir Gander and Amanda Gibbon.

Governance: The Steering Committee directs the vision of the project, provides governance and has oversight of all activities. It is composed of respected and influential individuals from major biobanks, biobank networks and informatics initiatives across the UK.

Members: Mrs Amanda Gibbon, Professor Brian Davidson, Professor Jane Kaye, Dr Claire Newland, Ms Jenni MacDougall, Professor Andy Hall, Professor Seth Love, Dr Tim Peakman, Dr Kirstin Goldring, Dr Phil Quinlan, Dr Chris Carrigan, Dr Alison Parry-Jones

About the UKCRC tissue directory and coordination centre: how we are funded
The UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) was established in 2004 and brings together the NHS, research funders, industry, regulatory bodies, Royal Colleges, patient groups and academia in a UK-wide environment that facilitates and promotes high quality clinical research for the benefit of patients.

The funders for the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre represent a consortium of UKCRC members, including:

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