Directory – Responding to feedback

Responding to your feedback to improving the Directory Multiple resources per account What has changed From your Directory account it is now possible to administer multiple sample resources or networks. Why we made the change  We received feedback that some users managed several resources and therefore to have a separate email and password for each[…]

making data available

Introduction to the API blog series

Collaborating to connect the UK’s sample resources We are developing an Application Programming Interface (API) for the receiving of data in a standardised format from the UKs sample resources. This blog introduces the work we are undertaking and details who would benefit most from reading the content. Everything we do is open and transparent including our technology[…]

Services available for new network

Services available for new network The UKCRC TDCC is the UK’s node within BBRMI-ERIC; we can also, therefore, be referred to as This membership means we are part of a much larger European effort and as a result the services BBMRI develop are available to UK Biobanks. We are initiating our own[…]