July 22, 2016


Sodermalm Stockholm

Representing UK-based biobanking at Global Biobank Week

This week, our Engagement Manager Jessica Mai Sims reports her experience at Global Biobank Week ...
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ISO Biobank Standards

Assuring researchers as to the quality or standard of a Biobank is an important issue. We are here to keep ...
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BBMRI.uk update

Background The Centre is the UK’s node within BBRMI-ERIC; we can also, therefore, be referred to as BBMRI.uk. This membership ...
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question mark

Sustainability Survey

This guest post by biobank researchers Daniel Simeon-Dubach; Kirstin Goldring and Marianne K Henderson introduces a current biobank sustainability survey ...
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Human tissue in safety assessment

The Centre recently attended a workshop on the use of human tissue for safety assessment jointly hosted by the Safety ...
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codes of practice

New HTA codes of practice

In April the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) published updated Codes of practice. This guest blog by Regulation Manager Fiona Maleady-Crowe ...
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Patient data and tissue samples – benefits, barriers and concerns

On the 9th May The Centre co-hosted the workshop “Patient data and tissue samples – benefits, barriers and concerns” along ...
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The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks

Today, samples donated for medical research are anonymised so that any work performed on them cannot be traced back to ...
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Cost recovery in Biobanking

When patients donate samples for research they do so with good will, as a gift to research. So why is ...
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Business plan

Biobanks and Business planning

Many Biobanks are under pressure to adopt more sustainable, business-like mentalities in the future. At the 2016 ISBER meeting a ...
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