UKCRC TDCC collaborates with BC Platforms to provide a unique research platform to over 150 human sample resources in the UK

BC platforms

BC Platforms, a leader in genomic data management and analysis solutions, has announced a collaboration with the UKCRC TDCC to explore the development of a unique research platform for more than 150 human sample resources in the UK. The UKCRC TDCC and BC Platforms will showcase the platform today at the UK Biobanking Showcase 2017 in London. The platform uses BC|RQUEST software to increase access to data and samples for research and seeks to leverage the scale of the registry’s network of human sample resources for analytics.

BC Platforms will showcase BC|RQUEST software and offer the opportunity to human sample resources in the UK. The collaboration with BC Platforms facilitates the rapid exchange of information amongst our members and allows them to efficiently manage and grow their collections. BC|RQUEST offers our human sample resources and researchers a way to identify available samples quickly, test hypotheses on combined data assets and collaborate on important research endeavours. Phil Quinlan, Director of the UKCRC TDCC said, ‘Our member human sample resources can support researchers as well as their own operations and enhancements on this platform. We are excited by the opportunities that may arise from this collaboration.’

Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms, commented, ‘The UK has been the European front runner in utilising genomics and clinical data within the healthcare system as well as for research. The UKCRC TDCC’s role is to ensure that biobank data is available to the ecosystem, including commercial partners like the biopharmaceutical industry, where consent allows. Through this partnership, we can save UK biobanks considerable time and expense in locating suitable samples and harmonizing and standardizing various collections of data. BC|RQUEST offers a best practice approach to data management, sharing and analytics that can serve as the foundation for an efficient research environment in the UK.’

To find out more about the partnership and how you can get involved please contact us.