August 2018: First API changes

What the Development Team worked on in August During August, the team have been really busy working on testing the API to ensure that all the ‘test’ and ‘development’ environments work in exactly the same way through full and automated regression testing. There has also been a lot of work to change over environments following an update[…]

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Introduction to the API blog series

Collaborating to connect the UK’s sample resources We are developing an Application Programming Interface (API) for the receiving of data in a standardised format from the UKs sample resources. This blog introduces the work we are undertaking and details who would benefit most from reading the content. Everything we do is open and transparent including our technology[…]

Connecting the UK’s Biobanks

The UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre hosted a meeting between the technical teams of the University of Nottingham and leading international suppliers of Biobanking software. Staff from the Advanced Data Analysis Centre and the Information Services department of the University met with Interactive Software, Infonetica, CSols, Open Specimen and Freezer Works to discuss and[…]