Finding out what makes researchers tick

Finding out what makes researchers tick

Thinking headsHere at the UKCRC TDCC we want to help researchers use human samples in their research. In order to do this we are undertaking some research of our own!

In 2016 the UKCRC TDCC launched the UK’s first cross disease sample register to help researchers find existing samples. Since then the resource has been developed in response to feedback we have received from the community. We are now conducting some more formal research to ensure we develop a resource that works for everyone. The research will be composed of a survey and some focus groups.

Research Survey

UK-based Biomedical researchers are invited to complete an online survey called ‘Human samples in UK biomedical research’. We want to understand when human samples are used, what the motivations are for using them and whether there are any barriers to accessing or using human samples in the UK currently.

Researcher Focus Groups

The results of the survey will help us identify key groups of researchers that use human samples in their work. We will invite relevant biomedical researchers to participate in a focus group. The aim of the groups will be to get further feedback on the survey results by dissecting motivations and what would lead to changes in behaviour. Participants may also be asked to test drive the UKCRC Tissue Directory and provide direct feedback on what does, and doesn’t, work.

All the results of the work will be published following completion and will directly influence the development of the resource. If you are interested in taking part, or finding out more about our work please browse our website or get in touch with us.

Focus Groups Dates

The focus groups were held Aug-Dec 2018.

Find out more:pipetting


The closing date for survey submissions is the 18th March 2018.


UPDATE: The results of this work have now been published: The Barriers and Motivators to Using Human Tissues for Research: The Views of UK-Based Biomedical Researchers