UKCRC TDCC announces collaboration with Medicines Discovery Catapult

Med Dis Cata logoA new collaboration between the UKCRC TDCC and the Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC) will aim to help UK medical research companies access appropriately consented human biological samples to carry out their potentially life-saving work.

The MDC aims to support the creation and growth of medicines and diagnostic companies in the UK. Linking companies to the hundreds of UK based research tissue banks containing consented samples from UK donors will result in the advancement of UK-based medical research and innovation.

MDC are now working with the UKCRC TDCC to ensure commercial companies are aware of the Tissue Directory, that human sample resources submit sufficient data to the Directory for their samples to be located, and that medical and diagnostic companies are able to access high quality, consented samples through a forthcoming brokerage service.

To find out more about the partnership including how you can get involved please contact us.