What is SNOMED-CT and why are we using it?

What is SNOMED-CT?

SNOMED-CT is a standardised health care vocabulary and we are adopting it within the development of our directory. Every project involving data will have some form of data standard, whether it is formalised to the level of SNOMED-CT or whether it is just an informal understanding.

Much of the work we have undertaken to date was based on the excellent work of the Confederation of Cancer Biobanks (CCB) and their data standard. The CCB data standard as drafted however did not define the terms to be used and this is why we have turned to SNOMED-CT.

The reason for our use of SNOMED-CT is linked heavily to the decision to use SNOMED-CT within all health care environments within the UK. The hope is that by adopting SNOMED-CT and by building this into our systems and therefore into how Biobanks describe themselves that we will in some part help Biobanks be prepared for handling SNOMED-CT terms from other healthcare systems.

The UK holds a license for SNOMED-CT via the Health and Social Care Information Centre and more details about obtaining a copy of SNOMED-CT are available.