Biobanking expertise

Sodermalm Stockholm

Representing UK-based biobanking at Global Biobank Week

This week, our Engagement Manager Jessica Mai Sims reports her experience at Global Biobank Week ...
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ISO Biobank Standards

Assuring researchers as to the quality or standard of a Biobank is an important issue. We are here to keep you abreast of all the latest developments in the field ...
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Background The Centre is the UK’s node within BBRMI-ERIC; we can also, therefore, be referred to as This membership means we are part of a much larger European effort ...
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Sustainability Survey

This guest post by biobank researchers Daniel Simeon-Dubach; Kirstin Goldring and Marianne K Henderson introduces a current biobank sustainability survey. Hello Biobanking Community. Biobanks are an important resource for clinical ...
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Human tissue in safety assessment

The Centre recently attended a workshop on the use of human tissue for safety assessment jointly hosted by the Safety Pharmacology Society (SPS), the University of Coventry and The National ...
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codes of practice

New HTA codes of practice

In April the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) published updated Codes of practice. This guest blog by Regulation Manager Fiona Maleady-Crowe explains what this means for Biobanks. What are the Codes ...
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Business plan

Biobanks and Business planning

Many Biobanks are under pressure to adopt more sustainable, business-like mentalities in the future. At the 2016 ISBER meeting a survey was conducted to gauge awareness of business planning in ...
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BBMRI-ERIC explore Quality

BBMRI-ERIC have an ambitious work package on Quality. They explore the issue in more detail in this quarter’s edition of Biobanks Europe. Visit their quality pages for more information. 2017_Newsletter6_7_WEB ...
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HRA publishes new proportionate consent guidance

The Health Research Authority (HRA) have published new guidance on taking a proportionate approach to consent, particularly in reference to clinical trials. The guidance is intended to be read with ...
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MRC invests in UK Biobanking

The Medical Research Council has announced a new funding call “Capital investment in human tissue banking and linked data, in partnership with charities.” £5 million will be available to support ...
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Only a minority of biobanks have a publicly available access policy

A recent study has found that only around 9% of biobanks have a publicly available access policy. Given that most biobanks are funded by the public, there is an expectation ...
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Proposed changes to data security and consent in the healthcare system

In September 2015, the Secretary of State for Health commissioned an intensive review of how personal data is used within the healthcare system. This called for recommendations to be made ...
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Biobanking expertise: SNOMED-CT

What is SNOMED-CT and why are we using it?

SNOMED-CT is a standardised health care vocabulary and we are adopting it within the development of our directory. Every project involving data will have some form of data standard, whether ...
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Support Available

Biobanking is a complex issue and we want to help and give information for where support can be found. This guide will be continually updated as we find valuable resources ...
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Biobanking expertise: Accreditation


Review of the CCB’s pilot audit scheme Background Biobanking is recognised as a critical area requiring development if progress is to be made in identifying clinically useful markers of disease ...
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Biobanking expertise: Access Template

Access Template

The access policy could be one of the most important documents that you as a Biobank will create as it will define so much of the interactions you are likely ...
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Biobanking expertise: Personas


We have been undertaking a review of the different stakeholders in Biobanking to understand how different people may interact with our biobank directory. This work was undertaken by the user-experience ...
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