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Sustainability Survey

This guest post by biobank researchers Daniel Simeon-Dubach; Kirstin Goldring and Marianne K Henderson introduces a current biobank sustainability survey. Hello Biobanking Community! Biobanks are an important resource for clinical and environmental research and financially sustaining the infrastructures is a challenge that is being experienced across the world. After several years of exploring the dimensions
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Precision Medicine

This month the UKCRC TDCC met with the Precision Medicine Catapult to find out more about their organisation and what they will be working on in the future. What is precision medicine? Precision medicine is about tailoring medicine and treatments to the patient, therefore giving them the best chance of success. This can be split
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Cost recovery in Biobanking

When patients donate samples for research they do so with goodwill as a gift to research. So why is there sometimes reference to ‘the cost of samples?’ We explain more about the use of Cost recovery in Biobanking in our latest blog. How can tissue cost money when it is donated for free? The process
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Business plan

Biobanks and Business planning

Many Biobanks are under pressure to adopt more sustainable, business-like mentalities in the future. At the 2016 ISBER meeting a survey was conducted to gauge awareness of business planning in the Biobanking community. The results are summarised here: 17 out of the 32 Biobanks who took part had a business plan, with 10 having one
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Leicester Directory Roadshow

Led by Centre Director Dr Phil Quinlan, this event is designed to tell potential users more about the Centre’s role in biobanking in the UK (and Europe via BBMRI-ERIC). On the day we’ll explain the Tissue Directory’s capabilities, address user feedback, and also show how to register collections on the Directory.

Spotlight on: Gautam Mehta

Name: Gautam Mehta Job title: Honorary Consultant and Senior Lecturer, UCL Research Project: Gautam is exploring new ways to treat patients with liver failure and alcohol-related liver disease. Liver disease is the third commonest cause of preventable death in the UK and rates are rising rapidly, therefore new treatments are urgently needed. Gautam’s research involves
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