Biobanking basics

Data saves lives infographic

The National data opt-out

The National data opt-out In order to make the samples you donate really useful for research, Biobanks need to link ...
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Spotlight On – Matt Styles

Spotlight on: Matt Styles In our latest blog post we meet software developer, Matt Styles, to find out more about ...
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Yarning to Consent: engaging in biobanking stories via knitting

Yarning to Consent: engaging in biobanking stories via knitting An introduction to biobanking What does knitting have to do with ...
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Spotlight on: Emma Lawrence

Spotlight on: Emma Lawrence In our latest blog post we meet Engagement Manager, Research, Dr Emma Lawrence to find out ...
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Patient data and tissue samples – benefits, barriers and concerns

On 9th May, 2017, the UKCRC TDCC co-hosted the workshop 'Patient data and tissue samples – benefits, barriers and concerns' ...
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The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks

Today, samples donated for medical research are anonymised so that any work performed on them cannot be traced back to ...
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Cost recovery in Biobanking

When patients donate samples for research they do so with goodwill as a gift to research. So why is there ...
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Spotlight on: Gautam Mehta

Name: Gautam Mehta Job title: Honorary Consultant and Senior Lecturer, UCL Research Project: Gautam is exploring new ways to treat ...
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Proposed changes to data security and consent in the healthcare system

In September 2015, the Secretary of State for Health commissioned an intensive review of how personal data is used within ...
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Ethical Tissue Logo

Spotlight on: Ethical Tissue

Name: Ethical Tissue Location: University of Bradford Aims: One of our main objectives is utilising tissue for cutting edge research ...
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Spotlight on: Ana Rio-Machin

Name:Ana Rio-Machin Job title: Postdoctoral Researcher at Barts Cancer Institute (BCI), Queen Mary University of London Research Project: Ana researches ...
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What to expect when donating samples

It is difficult to generalise what to expect when you donate your tissue to a biobank, as each biobank will ...
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Biobanking basics - Introduction

Introduction to biobanking

What are samples? A sample can take many forms. It can be a piece of human tissue taken from a ...
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Biobanking basics: tissue donation after death

Tissue Donation After Death for Research

Cadaveric Tissue for Research It is well known that tissue donation from the living is vitally important to research and ...
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